Top 3 E-cig brands on the market reviewed

southbeachsmokelogo “crazy flavors, long lasting battery” 98% #1 HERE
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eversmokelogo “fantastic prices and great e-cigs” 96% #2 HERE
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v2cigslogo “the best flavor I have ever had from an e-cig” 95% #3 HERE
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When we set off to try out almost a dozen of various e-cig brands that you can get on the market right now (you can get many more but we concentrated on about a dozen most popular), we never thought that the experiences would be so different. We never thought that we would have clear winners and those that we would never put in our mouth again. We will not be naming those that are particularly bad, but we would like to talk to you about the three brands that really wowed us.

south-beach-smoke-2The first of these is definitely South Beach Smoke. It is a brand that does everything right and everything correctly and then some. It is obvious that this is a company that employs people who know what they are doing and who also like what they are doing. If their e-cig can get you 180 puffs, they give in some extra effort and they give you 200. When they have a thousand flavors already, they make an effort and they provide you with a thousand more. It is all like that. They are breaking their backs for their products and for you, their customer. Of course, everything else is top notch too, the quality if ingredients and e-liquids, the craftsmanship, etc. They really are the top e-cig brand at the moment.

eversmoke-1The second one of these is EverSmoke, which is definitely one of the more popular brands of electronic cigarettes in the US. We have tried out their e-cigs and we do have to say that we just love them. We love how well their website is designed, how clear-cut everything is, how quickly the order arrives and of course, we love their e-cigs. They are of great quality, sturdy and the vapor is simply exquisite. We also tried out some of the flavors that they make in cooperation with VaporZone and they are just amazing.

v2-cigs-1Our third brand of choice is V2 Cigs and it is the favorite among our “smokers”. Our smokers have found that the V2 E-cigs have the best tobacco flavors, although they are not really breaking their backs to provide you with thousands other flavors. They do the classics but that is about that. They are more concerned with the vapor quality and the tobacco flavors in particular. They are the clear-cut choice for the year-old smokers who want something to replace their cigarettes.

SOUTH BEACH SMOKE 99/100 98/100 99/100 100/100 99/100
EVERSMOKE 97/100 96/100 97/100 100/100 97/100
V2 CIGS 96/100 98/100 85/100 100/100 95/100


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